Curriculum Vitae


Justice Stacey (b. 1994, UK)



2020     Teaching Art Online: The New Normal, Workman Arts 

2020     Giant Puppet Building Workshop, Clay and Paper Theatre, Toronto, ON

2020     Postgraduate Certificate of Material Art and Design OCAD University, Toronto, ON 

2018      Bachelor of Industrial Design with Minor in Wearable Technology, OCAD University, Toronto, ON

2013      Specialist High Skills Majors Arts and Culture, Westdale Secondary, Hamilton, ON



2020      She Grasps Me So Tightly, Being Scene, Workman Arts, Toronto, ON

2019      divine feminine goblin baby surgi doll, Doll Project Canada, Textile Museum and Project Sunshine, Toronto, ON

2018      Collective Conversation on Ill Adapted Coping Mechanisms_02, Nerve Endings, Workman Arts, Toronto, ON

2018      Harvest_02, Grad Ex, OCAD University, Toronto, ON

2018      Harvest_01, OFF COURSE, Off Site Design, Toronto, ON

2017      Collective Conversation on Ill Adapted Coping Mechanisms, Crafting the Future, OCAD University, Toronto, ON


2019      untitled, Freedom Ball, MOCA, Toronto, ON

2019      voodoo family, Black Liberation Ball Two, Harbourfront Centre, Toronto, ON

2018      my cyclops eye, Starlight, Dark Night: A Universal Ball, 519, Toronto, ON

2018      Neoliberal Glitter Goblin, Chopped: Bricks and Glitter Edition, Gladstone Hotel, Toronto, ON

2018      alien baby, Splash of Black Ball, HarbourFront Centre, Toronto, ON

2018      Birthing of the Mardi Gras, Black Liberation Ball, HarbourFront Centre, Toronto, ON



2020     Immortal Bodies: Presented by the House of Constantine and friends, Rhubarb Festival, Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, Toronto, ON


2017     Can Zine Annual Zine Award Trophies, Broken Pencil, Toronto, ON


2019     Material Art & Design Sale Vendor, OCAD University, Toronto, ON



2020     Adobe Creative Cloud Workshop Facilitator, Workman Arts, Toronto, ON 

2019      Collage Workshop Facilitator, CAMH, Workman Arts & CAMH, Toronto, ON

2019      Wearable Technology Workshop Facilitator, Textile Museum of Canada's Community Voices Program, Workman Arts, Toronto, ON

2018      Assistant Zine Instructor, Workman Arts, Toronto, ON 

2018      Maker Educator & Developer, STEAMLabs & Ontario Science Centre, Toronto, ON 

2017      Technology Mentor & Digital Fabricator, STEAMLabs & Ontario Science Centre, Toronto, ON 

2016      Visual Arts Instructor, City of Toronto, Toronto, ON



2018      Career Launcher Fund, OCAD University, Toronto, ON

2017      Body of the Year, Toronto Kiki Ballroom Alliance, Toronto, ON


2020      Educator in Residence, Textile Museum of Canada, Toronto, ON


2020/21 Communications Coordinator, OCAD Artist Alley, Toronto, ON

2020     Volunteer, Tangled Art + Disability, Toronto, ON

2019      Wwoofing, Arkadia Alpaca Great Ground Farm, Woodford Halse, Daventry, UK

2019      Exhibition Assembly Intern, Tapestry of Spirit: The Torah Stitch by Stitch Project, Textile Museum of Canada, Toronto, ON, Canada

2017      Internship, Workman Arts., Toronto, ON

2017      Installation Assembly & Thermoforming, Philip Beesley Architect Inc., Toronto, ON

2013      Co-op Student, Blackbird Studios, Hamilton ON



2017      Workman Arts Member, Toronto, ON

2016      Toronto Kiki Ballroom Alliance Member, Toronto, ON