Ballroom and JoJo Constantine


The Divine Feminine Goblins are an ongoing series of masks that explore the extremes of feminine expression in a decadent display of absurdism, costume, and textiles. Despite boasting vibrant colours and luscious locks of hair they come off unsettling, out of place in any civilized society.  But this is where these goblins must go, into the streets of Toronto to disrupt the mundanity of the grim urban landscape. Demanding attention to an unflinching, monstrous femininity.


The most beautiful and disturbing of my creations, my goblin masks came to me from my experiences with expressions of gender and the radical acceptance of my femininity. However, I demanded if I had to be feminine I wished for it to be a feminine that screeches and hisses at her surroundings. Latching onto my recurring theme of goblins I shaped a cast of characters. The Divine Feminine Goblins would be a family - two lesbian mothers dedicated to political lesbianism and second wave feminism - and their child, a young gay child tempted by the evils of masc for masc culture.


When the goblins enter the urban environment they are at odds with it. Architecture and urban spaces have been predominantly defined by men while my masks are in the field of craft and textiles - historically a women’s field. Similar to yarn bombing, these goblin masks seek to disrupt the cityscape and transport the observer to another space for a time.